Contents, Issue 102, Spring 2020

Discovery of the lost Stonehenge Zodiac
Fionn Rawnsley describes his search to reveal the terrestrial zodiac and its significance in mapping the Pole Star

Ascorbic acid/vitamin C protects against coronavirus
Dr Andrew Saul, Editor of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, details the evidence and its use by Chinese doctors

Infant vaccination damage prevented by ascorbic acid/vitamin C
Walter Last recounts the pioneering work of two Australian doctors in stopping injury among Aboriginal babies

Pitch battles – Does pitch really affect our physiology?
John Stuart Reid takes a scientific look at concert pitch and how music affects us

Climate change – The science continues to challenge the media hype
Peter Taylor argues that the evidence does not support the extent of media hype about the threat

Climate activism and the money trail
F William Engdahl reveals the huge number of powerful financial groups behind the global movement for their own profit

Regular columns

Editor Kevan Manwaring presents poems focused on being awake to life

The Salt Fix; MEGALITH Studies in Stone; The Power of Centre; Albion Dreamtime Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons; The Mother Country: Poems exploring dispossession; Ney – Rumi’s Sacred Flute (CD)

Shanghai Government officially recommends vitamin C for COVID-19 / First Global Day of protest against 5G / Google censors health care information / ‘Freed’ Lyn Thyer still in prison due to French law travesty / Glyphosate and Roundup proven to disrupt gut microbiome


Cover: Sunset at Winter Solstice, Stonehenge. Peter Knight,


In this issue
by Simon Best

This issue has been delayed, for which my apologies; a faulty computer motherboard and illness have contrived to throw spanners into the works.

As we go to press, fears over the coronavirus dominate the media; we feature a major, challenging article and news follow-up confirming the benefits and use of high-dose, intravenous (IV) vitamin C to combat it and the trials in Chinese hospitals and use of it by Chinese doctors right now. Despite being verified by Dr Andrew Saul of the US-based Journal for Orthomolecular Medicine and his physician contacts in China, there are already attempts by the leading online platforms, in cooperation with the WHO, to negate, dismiss or suppress such information about vitamin C’s use, despite the fact that there is no such suppression within China itself! Readers will witness the playing out of this worrying scenario, both involving UK medical authorities and around the world.

In a linked article, Australian biochemist Walter Last recounts the discovery of the use of vitamin C by two Australian doctors to treat and eliminate the adverse reactions by young Aboriginal babies to vaccinations that had killed very large numbers of them. By giving the babies high-dose, IV vitamin C both pre- and post-vaccination, they reduced the very high death rate to virtually zero – for which they were awarded a Merit Award in 1978. What is almost as amazing is how few doctors and others concerned with vaccine hazards are aware of their astonishing achievement.

Our main article explores the possibility of a lost Stonehenge zodiac. Fionn Rawnsley presents his 20 years of research and evidence that leads him to argue that the surrounding geographical features form parts of various zodiacal signs. He also explains the position of certain outlying stones as expressions of powerful myths and legends prevalent at the time of their construction.

In developing the theme of previous articles, Peter Taylor presents evidence to argue that the current media frenzy over the extent of man-made contribution to climate change is not supported by the scientific evidence. He also contrasts the supportive response he has received to his contrarian views from the scientific community compared to ‘green’ activists’ and groups’ refusal to engage with him, despite his very long involvement with green causes.

A further dimension to the extraordinary rise, funding and endless media coverage of the strident groups and supporters of climate change action and their Swedish poster child is provided by US analyst William Engdahl, who presents details of the vast amounts of money invested in spreading what some might see as almost hysteria, from a range of groups and individuals, who stand to make vast profits from promoting their climate agenda and its possible solutions. Food for thought for those who want to follow the money trails.

Finally, John Stuart Reid concludes his two-part article on the debate over 432Hz vs 440Hz pitch, presenting recent evidence from his own cymatic research that throws light on how we react to either physiologically.

The reviews feature an important book on salt and how the accepted wisdom about its adverse effects needs to change. In the news the further evidence of the use of vitamin C by Chinese doctors is presented, as well as an update on the appalling, almost corrupt treatment by the French judges of Lynda Thyer, still languishing in a French jail over her involvement in helping many cancer patients use the natural protein GcMAF, and who is awaiting a further appeal on March 29th – she would really appreciate your support.

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