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Issue 82 Cover

Contents, Issue 90, Winter 2014

Life after death study supports survival
Largest-ever study finds awareness continues after brain shuts down

Coconut oil benefits Alzheimer’s sufferers
Bruce Fife examines studies of its beneficial properties involving medium chain fatty acids and ketones

101 references support positive effects of saturated fats and cholesterol
Dr Rajendra Sharma describes its wide-ranging effects on one’s health, liver and cholesterol

Rosslyn Chapel – the Rose of the world
Claire Nahmad explores the Rose-line and the Chapel’s relationship to the Holy Grail

The ‘frozen music’ within Rosslyn
Richard Merrick reveals the sacred meanings and musical knowledge concealed in its architecture

Revealing plant perception at Damanhur
Tigrilla Gardenia describes her research into plants’ ability to create and communicate music

Ebola – how it started and how it might end
Dr Robert Verkerk asks ‘What’s really going on in West Africa’ – and the first cure using ozone

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is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psychological, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, holistic, energy and complementary medicine.

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Caduceus News - next issue due end of May

MEGALITHOMANIA Conference 2015 - New Venue, New Format, Old Stones!

Megalithomania returns on May 9th at the Town Hall, Glastonbury. We are now an action-packed, one-day event with six lectures and speakers forum, with extra activities on the Friday and Sunday. £43 for Saturday Conference + Booking fee. Full details:

Books from Cygnus

The following books reviewed in this issue, Himalayan Sound Revelations; Grail Alchemy; Walking with White Eagle in Sacred Places; In Defence of Life; An Electronic Silent Spring are available at reduced prices from Cygnus Books - see left sidebar.

House for sale in Wales - Traditional listed crogloft cottage with half acre field

5 miles from Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, southwest Wales. 3 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, utility room, garage. Sympathetically restored with original features. Inglenook fireplace, beams, etc. £199,000; 07778 111116. (see Classified menu for photo)

Pulsed magnetic field therapy - Magnacare

Caduceus editor Simon Best has written an article on the benefits of pulsed magnetic field devices, featuring Magnacare, which can be read on the Alliance for Natural Health site: . More details about Magnacare, now available in the UK, can be found at, where testimonials (including one from Prof Linus Pauling) support its considerable benefits for pain and inflammation relief, as well as many other conditions, including recovery from athletic injury.


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