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Issue 82 Cover

Contents, Issue 91, Spring 2015

Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary
Artifacts and celebrations of the 800th anniversary, 15 June 2015

Music’s healing influence throughout history
Asher Kenton reveals its influence on Man’s healing and spiritual progress

Tracking down the London Stone
Greg Branson, Robin Baldock and Tanya Dorrington investigates origins of the Stone and using psychic means to locate it

Vaccination – Australia aims to compel the poor to accept it
Bronwyn Hancock outlines the issues and arguments in light of Australian Government plans

EM hazards – still resisted by national and international regulators
Alasdair Philips exposes the denial, deceit and manipulation of the UK, EU and international bodies

Searching for the Grail in Avalon
Mara Freeman explores the esoteric connections between Glastonbury and the Holy Grail story

Climate change – answering critics and exposing manipulation
Peter Taylor answers critics and reveals how IPCC data has been manipulated

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What is Caduceus?

is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psychological, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, holistic, energy and complementary medicine.

It explores the frontiers of sacred science and covers climate change, swine flu, Codex Alimentarius, vitamin D, sunlight health benefits, sound healing and therapy, vitamins and minerals, homoeopathy, fluoridation, iodine, electromagnetic fields and pollution, animal communication, 2012, Mayan prophesies, psychic healing, megalithic sites, crop circles, reincarnation and mysticism.

Published since 1987, it is available in 120 UK outlets or by subscription in printed or electronic form.

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Caduceus News - next issue due at end of November

Wisdom in the Land- Gatekeeper Trust Annual Conference

Join us in exploring how pilgrimage can renew our connection with our sacred landscape. November 28-29th, Pewsey, Wiltshire. Weekend £70, One day only: £40. More details and to book: or call 0300 123 772 .

Join Lyoness, save money and benefit their charities

Article explains how joining this shopping community can save you money and make you money - with no joining nor ongoing fees - and also benefit their charities. Click here.

Books from Cygnus

The following books reviewed in issue 90, Himalayan Sound Revelations; Grail Alchemy; Walking with White Eagle in Sacred Places; In Defence of Life; An Electronic Silent Spring and The Big Fat Surprise and Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth in issue 91 are available at reduced prices from Cygnus Books - see left sidebar.

House for sale in Wales - Traditional listed crogloft cottage with half acre field

5 miles from Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, southwest Wales. 3 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, utility room, garage. Sympathetically restored with original features. Inglenook fireplace, beams, etc. £179,000; 07778 111116. (see Classified menu for photo)

Pulsed magnetic field therapy - Magnacare

Caduceus editor Simon Best has written an article on the benefits of pulsed magnetic field devices, featuring Magnacare, which can be read on the Alliance for Natural Health site: . More details about Magnacare, now available in the UK, can be found at, where testimonials (including one from Prof Linus Pauling) support its considerable benefits for pain and inflammation relief, as well as many other conditions, including recovery from athletic injury.

This MW/RF meter is just one of many products from EMFields that help protect you from the health hazards of electromagnetic fields. For more details and its full range, click on the image.




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